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Concept and design of the portal for Sochi reporter



Sochi Reporter portal

Sochi reporter describes Sochi life, its progress in expectation of the Olympic Games 2014. The main target is to become the mirror of city life and guide for the tourists. It is to deal with the most significant regional events and provide much necessary day-to-day information.



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Everyone could be a reporter

Many of the city events will be reflected on the web-site. Here we place information collected by inhabitants, tourists, and pass-by people — by all, who have something to share. There is a special form which helps to send files and text.


The most interesting material appears on the web-site in form of articles, photos, notes, interview, commentaries — and all of them could be commented. The absence of fixed format, which is popular among official web-sites and publications, makes this project alive.


The portal also portrays Sochi citizen. Thereto everyday reporter team comes to the streets to interview usual people. The reporters сcollect their emotions, views, experience and joy and form a generalized character, which is represented as a million of real faces, which make up one face of a concrete person.


Пальмы, кипарисы, бамбуки, море, медузы, дельфины, ракушки, солнце — одни из самых ярких детских воспоминаний.

Живописные пейзажи и удивительной красоты природа — самые неизгладимые впечатления от Сочи.

Раньше тут росли реликтовые сосны, уникальный микроклимат времен динозавров, великолепное море. Теперь здесь слишком много людей.

Тарас Антюхов

27 лет, Арт-директор

Ольга Козлова

24 года, Дизайнер-иллюстратор

Дмитрий Быков

22 года, Дизайнер
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Shift in times

Sochi reporter offers its visitors not only events and facts, but a historical journey which fixes changes in the city corresponding to each stage of preparations to the Olympic Games. You can find any event and trace its development according to the time shift pattern.


Mobile version

Sochi reporter is at your service anytime. You can learn the most interesting facts about city-life from your mobile or palm-top. It affords you to send any files and messages from any place where Wi-Fi is available.


Creation of the project

This emotional video shows the work on this significant project in the studio.

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from 650 000 rub.
Creative DirectorYakushev Eugene Designers Bykov Dmitriy, Maykov Andrey
Kozlova Olga, Khasavov Nazir
Operator Antuhov Taras Soundman Maykov Andrey
Art-Director Antuhov Taras Illustrators Maykov Andrey, Kozlova Olga Editing Sadovsky Eugene Analytics and Consulting Korolyuk Alexey