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Giving Smiles BTL Brand Concept

Savor the Moment — It’s Yours!

Giving Smiles is an innovative BTL channel for brand communications, with nothing similar around the globe. The main idea of this project is to present people with beautiful memories — with bright and happy moments of their lives captured by professional photographers. Everyday hundreds of people join the project — to do this, one needs just to make a photo with us and get a special ‘smiley coupon’ to download their high-resolution photo on the project’s website.

What do we need to give smiles? Lots of things: camera, Internet, technologies, tools and many other things. But the main component is our team that does it with all their heart as they know, giving smiles is happiness.

Alexey Korolyuk
Project idea
and name creator

Giving Smiles is a complex project, each stage of which has been completed by our team only. The project required special approach, and to implement it, we used innovative technology solutions with no parallels in Russian web development, which have immedi-
ately proved their efficiency.

Evgeniy Yakushev
Creative director, CETIS

CETIS design studio has provided an excellent emotional background for this project, created original business management and monitoring systems, as well as ensured its maximum variability and operability both for advertisers and end-users.

Alexey Murzanov
Managing partner, BoxSide brand&package (Lineberger advisers Ltd.) branding agency

Every day I get feedback from our project participants. "That was just incredible! Thanks you all! One’s smile is happiness for one’s family, friends or just passers-by! Thanks for this job!" When people spot our photographers in the streets, they hurry to them crying, "Hey, we know you! You’re giving smiles!" I believe that such reaction is the best proof that our idea has been a success.

Tatiana Soboleva
Giving Smiles project director

At CETIS Studio, we have developed the project logo, corporate identity, visual identification system, official website, corporate wear and POS.

Here, Now and Most Welcome!

The project uses original integration tool for marketing communications: HMB — Happy Message of The Brand

Its main distinguishing feature is that brand’s interaction with the audience takes place in the exclusively effective communication moment. And no newsbreak is required to establish this contact with consumers!

Most brand communications use one of these models: "Choose me" or "Buy me and get something for it".

The model offered by HMB sounds as follows: "You’re free and happy now! That’s great, isn’t it? I’ll help you to preserve this moment!"

This allows to create a feeling of unobtrusiveness. The association
arises independent of the brand’s efforts or advertising campaign or action period.

Non-social Smile

Monochrome logo

Designed for specific media, when
3D logo cannot be used

3D logo

Can be used in the majority of communications

Event logo

Designed for special events and holidays

A smile is a core visual image of this project; no wonder, it was taken as a basis for its logo. To create this logo, our Studio have used professional knowledge and expertise of the leading plastic surgery and dentistry experts, as well as conducted a series of independent researches to achieve the optimal perception by the audience of all age and social status groups.

Special Present for Everyone

The logo of this project serves to express its main idea — happy moments of your life as a compliment. Every time thinking of a present for our loved ones we hope that it’ll be most original to be remembered for years. Meanwhile, there’re no presents (as well as people) absolutely unique and similar at the same time. That’s why the visual component of the logo is constantly changing depending on a variety of factors — coinciding with some famous holidays, for instance.

A variety of associations and images associated with smiles and happiness has not allowed us to have just one solution for all communications. Smiles, life and people are unique, and so is our logo. Changing its "face" for different events, we’ve discovered the big idea of this project — to be always unique.

Olga Kozlova
Designer, CETIS
International Olympic Day
Cinema Day
Photographer Day
Traffic Police Day
Air-Landing Troops Day
May 1
Happy Birthday
Museum Day
Mineworker Day
Fisherman Day
Builder Day
Railman Day
March, 8
Family Day
St.Valentines Day
Kupala Day
Russian Post Day
September, 1
February, 23

Happy Moments with You

The brand pattern created for the project has at its basis a variety of images associated with carefree and amusing moments, when the audience interacts with the brand. The special stylistics developed for these images makes
them easily recognizable both online and offline, allowing to brand various communication channels.


Writing and Smiling

The project communication set also includes an exclusive font — Giving Smiles — that continues and develops its general hand-made stylistics.

This original font allows the project to transmit easily recognizable text messages and widen the choices of POS design.

Always Standing Out

Everyday our photographers work in a variety of most "crowded" places. Their corporate clothes serve as advertising space for different brands, implementing HMB technology.

CETIS has developed the wear concept that takes into consideration lots of actors, including sex, equipment, weather conditions and even photographer’s position — so that the sponsors’ logos would always stand out.

Smile a Little Smile for Me

As part of the project, we have created an official song for Giving Smiles, which help the project continue in people’s mind even without contacting the brand directly.

Everyone is welcome to download this single (professionally recorded, by the way) and use it as mobile ringtone. Since its release day, the song has been downloaded by over a half of all website users.

Download ringtones

Smiles for Excellent Events

Our Studio has developed design and decoration standards for the whole variety of brand marketing events: exhibitions, festivals, various city, national and international holidays, as well as special project events.

The brand visual concept is not only "tailored" to effective web communications, but also addresses offline marketing events’ tasks. Such an elaborate in terms of emotional perception and business tasks brand book is of great help to PR and marketing specialists.

Alexandra Usanova
Russian Communication Group
Price category:
from 1 400 000 rub.
Project idea and name creator Alexey Korolyuk

Creative Director Yakushev Eugene

Art-director Antuhov Taras
Sadovsky Eugene
Designers Kozlova Olga
Sadovsky Eugene
Matiushyna Alina
Bykov Dmitry

Technical design Matiushyna Alina
Typographer Kozlova Olga

Operator command Artamonov Dmitry
Saveliev Nikolay

Copywriter Dementev Dmitriy
Giving Smiles soundtrack created by BoxSide brand&package
(Lineberger advisers Ltd.) branding agency.
Producers — Alexey Murzanov, Roman Murzanov
Composition, arrangement, mastering — Victor Petlyura
Lyrics — Denis Kuzmin
Singer — Sergey Mityagin
Advising linguist — Ani Zakaryan
HMB developed by BoxSide brand&package (Lineberger advisers
Ltd.) branding agency. Concept creator — managing partner Alexey Murzanov